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All smiles with great steps forward to newer found freedoms

May MumD

May saw plenty of smiles at Keate House not only on International Smile day but throughout the month as residents started to enjoy the easing of restrictions and making the huge steps forward to a more normal life of engaging in closer contact with family once again.

Marjorie was delighted to be able to go out with her daughter Elaine to enjoy a lovely walk and some precious time together around Lymm village, something which she or any other residents haven’t been able to do for over 12 months due to Covid restrictions.

Continuing the theme of enjoying some newer found freedoms, Joyce enjoyed a special afternoon out admiring the gardens in Grundy Memorial Park with her Key worker Melissa.

Everyone in the home is sharing big smiles as the relaxation on family visiting and outings mean they can meet and share some special time outside the home, with the people they love.   

Up to five nominated visitors can now come into the home with all other family and friends welcome to meet in the visiting house in the Keate House garden.

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